I aim to be something that the world hasn’t seen before.

A voluminous voice; blue tresses; a conviction for varied love; a pen that protects and liberates at once. These are the super powers of current Penn State student and future rock star, Camryn. The 20-year-old Wonder Woman beams with a style and swagger that is as electric as it is singular. Her performance prowess, perspective and rebellion x heroine energy are primed to build her a comfortable home on the desolate land between today’s Rock & Roll and Pop. 


Camryn’s 2017 single “Glow,” a fireworks exhibition for what it sounds like when a songstress is madly in love with their best friend of five years, amassed over one million Spotify streams in under a month’s time (“Love makes you dance and smile,” says Camryn. “It makes you glow.”) Produced by The Monarch [Justin Bieber, DJ Khaled) and co-written by Camryn with HARLCE (Kelly Clarkson, Charlie XCX).


Before the blue-famed snowboarder moved to Los Angeles to live out her destiny atop pop charts, she recalls her formative years in Denver, floating around her home belting the tunes of favorites like Rihanna and Hayley Williams. By 2010, at the tender age of eleven, Camryn began to grow a healthy YouTube following with the release of “Wait and See.” By 2013, her follow up “LoveSick” put her in the history books as the youngest independent act to chart a song on the Billboard Top 40 since LeAnn Rimes in 1997. A ripening digital buzz wrought opportunities to join the tours of acts like One Direction and Cody Simpson. From North America to Europe, her colossal vocals would wow thousands. 


2016 marked the arrival of Camryn’s debut EP, New Dynasty. The opus would see the interior design moonlighter come into her own. It would draw acclaim from publications like Nylon, Billboard, Idolator, Fuse and Popdust. Moreover, Camryn would catch the attention of Fifth Harmony, who invited her to open on their overseas tour. She returned to the States thirsting for her greatest creative leap.


The latest version of Camryn is the best one. Her 2019 single “My Love,” continues her history of edgy lyricism as she dismisses romantic baggage. Its music preserves the singer’s patented indigo hue, then lifts its wattage to a pop-sparkling neon. Another inevitable game changer is the maroon follow-up “Song To Myself,” a piercing tune, written by decorated music scribe Lauren Christy (Avril Levigne, Chris Brown, Kelly Clarkson). Camryn’s momentum will ultimately crescendo into the release of her highly-anticipated debut album. And that will be the day Taylor Swift and Katy Perry fans have a new favorite.