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Best new artist pick, Camryn, to fire up your playlist!

What’s your favorite way to discover new music? Is it at the club partying with your friends? Or scanning your favorite local radio station while sitting in traffic? On Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal? The digital platforms are taking over and the best part about them is their playlists! The convenience of discovering new artists, catching up on the classics, or revisiting some of your favorite artists has never been easier. Customizing what you want to hear with just a few clicks to fit whatever you may be doing at the time i.e., working out, hanging out, partying or just relaxing while listening to good music!

If you haven’t heard the buzz as yet about this upcoming rising star you will definitely be hearing more about her in 2018!! This pop outlier unleashed her most bombastic, biggest, and brightest single yet, “Glow.” Propelled by a boisterous beat, hummable riff, and memorable chant, which makes Camryn our pick for one of the best new artists to fire up your playlist! Camryn independently released a hit single “Glow” and has surpassed a million streams on Spotify in just a couple of months! Glow was released on June 30, 2017 and has been heating up playlists worldwide since.

When we caught up with Camryn she revealed, “It’s an anthem and this is meant to be relatable. I’ve been in a relationship for a year and a half with my best friend of five years. Love makes you dance and smile. It literally makes you ‘Glow. That’s what I wanted to share with my audience. I really want to tell a story. I feel like the journey begins here.”  If this journey begins here, we can’t wait to see what’s next for this Best New Artist.

Camryn teamed up with some hit makers to create Glow. Produced by The Monarch (known for production w/ DJ Khaled, Justin Beiber and Kelly Clarkson) and co-written by Camryn and Harloe (Kelly Clarkson, JoJo, Charli XCX). It seems chemistry was just right with DJ’s, curators, and tastemakers instantly gravitating to the hit “Glow.” With new audiences graciously accepting it as their end- of-summer anthem.


Influenced by everyone from Hayley Williams to Rihanna, Camryn has architected an electrified singular style along her musical path. Glow is about that feeling you get when you are beyond happy with life and love. We often hear about sad love songs, but it’s refreshing to talk about things when they are in a blissful state. Camryn is embracing love all around and it is evidenced through her strong, heartfelt vocals on this track. During a time where national and international current events heighten anxiety and question one’s sanity,  it’s refreshing to have music cut through the noise and give you something to smile about. Glow accomplishes that and more.

Camryn partnered with director Stephen Ringer to create a visually captivating music video that also tells the story of what her weekends throughout the summer have resembled in Pismo Beach, California. Off-roading at high speeds in badass ATV’s, campfires, sunsets, roasting marshmallows with some of her closest friends, and staying up late dancing until the sun comes up! The vibe at Pismo Beach is pretty incredible, and the director, Camryn, and her team did an incredible job of capturing that on film. Yes, that is correct, Glow was shot entirely on film! In a day of digital retouching, it is nice to see a real authenticity that only film brings to life. “The good vibes of the final product does little to show the tricky production that occurred behind the scenes though. The beach location claimed a car bumper, kept an equipment truck completely off-site, and temporarily beached director Stephen Ringer’s Jeep! Not to mention the grueling hours on locations cleaning sand out of all the equipment,” says Camryn. If you watch closely, you may notice a few special cameos from Camryn’s three dogs, Lulu, Brooklyn, and Zeppelin.  “I’m a total animal lover, I would have a house full of pets if I could” says Camryn.

Here to leave her indelible mark on the music industry, Camryn is no one hit wonder…. Glow was the follow up to her high energy debut “New Dynasty EP”, which was praised by the likes of Billboard, Nylon, Idolator, Fuse, Popdust, among many others. Among those was girl group, Fifth Harmony. Who in which invited Camryn to be their special guest on their 7/27 Arena Tour throughout Europe. Playing markets such as London, Paris, Dublin, and Barcelona.

“There’s a pretty significant difference between my previous music and what I’m doing now,” she goes on. “This is more mature, defined, and specific. It’s who I am. I started very young. Fans didn’t just get to see my growth as a person, but as a singer. I’m constantly trying to perfect my craft. I know a lot more now than ever before. The edgy feel is still there, but the music is happier and more uplifting. It makes you move. That’s important to me.”

Additionally, in 2013, Camryn made history when her single, “LoveSick” making her the youngest indie act to chart a song on Billboard Top 40 since LeAnn Rimes in 1997! Independently drumming up an international buzz, Camryn performed in front of massive crowds all across North America and Europe touring with the likes of pop phenoms One Direction in Europe and the U.S., Cody Simpson in the United States, Greyson Chance in Asia and United States, 5 Seconds of Summer in Europe, and most recently with award-winning, power house girl group Fifth Harmony in Europe.


“Touring is where I’m truly happy. Seeing and meeting all my fans is my favorite part about being on the road. Now social media allows me to keep all my fans at a clicks reach. watching videos and pictures of how great of a time they had is truly special. But with that comes grueling it out on the road, living out of a bus, or suitcase, or on a plane. It is all worth it in the end,” says Camryn.

Camryn’s stunning voice powers everything she does. Honed by nearly a decade of studying and devotion to her craft, she can seamlessly swing from soulful crooning into arena-filling crescendos with show-stopping prowess.

“Without my voice, I wouldn’t be happy,” she admits. “This is my whole world. The love comes through in everything I do.”

With an arsenal of unreleased records that she plans on showcasing as well. She has had the opportunity to co-write with amazing songwriter Lauren Christy (responsible for Avril Lavigne and Bebe Rexba hits). Camryn has also been writing alongside some of the best songwriters in the business.  As she matures into a young woman, she is becoming even more confident with her songwriting topics and voice as an artist. Camryn is looking forward to sharing her growth and music catalog with all of her day one and new fans. 2018 will definitely be a significant year in her career.

In the end, Camryn’s message resonates as loudly as those vocals do.

“I hope to share something positive,” she concludes. “If I can brighten even one person’s day, that would be pretty special.”